Processes - Inductotherm Group Japan Ltd.


Inductotherm HSS01

Iron Melting, Steel & Stainless Steel Melting, Copper & Copper Alloy Melting, Aluminum Melting, Zinc Melting, Silicon Melting, Precious Metals Melting, Rare Earth & Other Materials Melting, Controlled Atmosphere Melting, High Temperature Graphite Heating, Induction Heating for the Steel Industry, Investment Casting, Alloy Manufacturing

Induction Skull melting

Vacuum Arc Remelting, Electroslag Remelting, Vacuum Induction Melting, Vacuum Precision Investment Casting, Induction Skull Melting, Vacuum Brazing, Vacuum Deoiling, Vacuum Heating, Vacuum Cap Furnace Melting

Bar Heating

Induction Heat Treating, Induction Forge Heating, Induction Low Frequency Heating, Induction Tube and Pipe Heating, Strip Heating, Galvannealing, Tin Reflow, Weld Annealing

HF Welding

Pipe Welding, Seam Annealing, Full Body Heating, Full Body Bright & Dull Annealing, Quench and Temper (Q&T), Spiral Fin & Spiral Welding, Inductively Coupled Plasma